We love healthy lifestyle

We love healthy lifestyle

Acquiring an apartment in Residence5 Forest Apartments brings you closer to nature in an active, modern community aspiring to a peaceful, healthy, and safe lifestyle. This project is dedicated to those who appreciate nature, seek tranquility, and prioritize their health.


A rare concept: nature in the city

Designed for those aiming to elevate their health standards, Residence5 Forest Apartments offer residents ample green recreational spaces and an exceptional location close to Băneasa Forest. The project is conceived to provide access to various educational, recreational, and business activities, allowing you to choose what suits your preferences and lifestyle best.


Preserving nature and bringing its benefits to your doorstep

The ensemble stands out with its advantageous positioning, granting residents access to exclusive sports centers in the northern part of the capital, luxurious spas, and wellness clubs. Though achieving this might seem challenging in a capital city, nothing seems impossible for us. We consistently strive to preserve nature and as much green space as possible around us.


The life you deserve, close to nature

Residence5 Forest Apartments serve as an oasis of peace and health in the urban heart of the capital. The project provides an environment where residents can embrace a healthy lifestyle, seamlessly integrated with the beauty and tranquility of nature. With its strategic location and commitment to living in a green environment, Residence5 stands as a testament to the pursuit of well-being in the urban landscape.


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